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Franchise and Automotive Dealer Representation


Franchises’ and Automotive Dealers’ relationships with their franchisors are affected by a wide variety laws aimed at controlling this relationship.  These unique laws often affect a wide variety of distribution and product marketing arrangements, not only those traditionally thought of as franchises.  These laws give franchises, automotive dealers, and other distributors unique rights.  For example, in most states, an automotive dealer cannot be terminated without cause, even once the term of the dealership agreement has expired.  Specialty motor vehicle dealers, such as moped, ambulance, limousine and heavy construction equipment dealers can also be subject to these laws.  Additionally, such laws create unique burdens for the companies that work with franchises and dealers. 


For example, many states require that prior to offering any franchise or business opportunity to entrepreneurs, the company must file a variety of registration and disclosure documents with the state.  Ari Lehman has extensive experience with these laws, representing both the franchises and dealers, as well the franchisors.  Indeed, in 2009 the State Bar of Michigan invited Ari Lehman to be a featured speaker explaining automotive dealership laws to the Antitrust and Franchise chapter of the Michigan Bar.  Let Ari Lehman handle all your franchise legal needs, whether the issue is litigation / arbitration between the franchisor and franchisee, registration requirements, disclosure requirements, or advising on the legality of modifying or terminating dealer relationships. 

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