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Contract Drafting, Review, and Negotiations


Everyday companies and individuals enter into, perform, and/or breach millions of contracts.  Indeed every transaction entered into in commerce is a form of a contract.  And while most contracts are performed without issue, a written contract is an invaluable and essential instrument for complex transactions and is particularly important when the agreement requires performance prior to payment.  And while business people and salesmen often like to draft their own contracts, believing that they understand the terms of the business arrangements sufficiently, simply knowing the terms of the transaction is insufficient when things go awry.  That is because a contract is a litigation instrument.  And an improperly drafted contract, or the lack of a written contract altogether, can greatly increase litigation costs and will often prevent the just resolution of disputes. 


On the other hand, a thorough and well thought out contract, can greatly enhance a party’s financial position should a business relationship sour, as some inevitably do.  Ari Lehman’s experience as both a businessman and litigator affords him a unique perspective on the results of improper or insufficient contract documentation.  Let Ari Lehman put this knowledge to work for you, providing you with contracts, whether written from scratch, modified from existing standard form contracts, or vigorously negotiated, that will leave you in the best possible legal position if a dispute arises. 

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